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QUESTION: hi sambhav.. i have a ruby(uncut) with me. it's very old and has been in the family for generations and the specialty of this stone is that it's very  huge and weighs 440.10 grams. the ruby is pruple red in color.
i wanna sell it .. please guide as to how to locate a buyer and what price will it fetch.

ANSWER: Hello Suman
Wish you a happy New Year! Before getting to the question of selling it, I think you need to prepare for some important questions.
1. How do you know this is a Ruby specimen?
2. Do you have any origin details or data?
3. Does the stone (if it is a Ruby) have a history?

The answers to the first two questions can be found out by sending it for a identification & grading report to a nearby gem lab.

It is very difficult to determine the value without answers to those questions & with just a single-face view of the stone. I would recommend a IGI certificate initially, if it states the stone as a Ruby, you can get it re certified by GIA.

Now, to your questions, if the stone is indeed a Ruby, you can either contact a local gemstone dealer or renowned jeweler in your country.

I hope that helps.

Best regards
Sambhav Karnawat
Suranas Jewelove

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QUESTION: hi sambhav.. thanks for the reply... and sorry it took me such a  long time to follow up..
As for you questions..i have a gem identification report that identifies the specimen as ruby-zoisite amphibolite. however i am not sure about the origin of the stone.
and the stone is in nepal with me right now. how do i get a IGI or a  GIA certification here? do i have to take them to Mumbai or Bangkok for certification. are these certificates going to help me sell the stone.
i will send you another picture of the stone from another angle so that you may get a better look at the specimen. and please also let me know a rough amount the stone might fetch if sold in india.

Hello Suman
In that case another report by IGI or GIA may not be necessary. I cannot tell you how much it might fetch unless you bring to our Suranas Jewelove store in Jaipur & I can inspect it in person.
Best regards
Sambhav Karnawat
Suranas Jewelove Store
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