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Hi I have a silver ring I want to know more about. It Has a purple center stone (could be Amherst), two smaller stones (not sure if diamond).925 and a hallmark stamp hmt (not sure if it is Howard m Taft because of slight difference in only hallmark pic of his I could find. Any info would be great thanks

Hi Chris,
Going by the stamp on your ring, it might be sterling silver made by a jewelry company that uses the hallmark HMT and the gem in the center might be amethyst since you described it's coloration as purple. If you want to determine if the stones are real and if the silver is pure, you will have to take it to a jeweler. Close inspection and tests are needed to be done in order to determine if it is real silver and if the stones are also authentic and valuable, and jewelers have the tools necessary to determine it's value. Hope that helps.

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