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Antique Wedding Set
Antique Wedding Set  
I have received a wedding set that was my great grandmothers from around the 1930's. I have tried to research it online, and have came up dry.  On the inside it is inscribed with BERLAND 14K . The engagement ring has the one solitary diamond, with 2 very small diamonds on either side, and the wedding band has 3 very small diamonds. I will attach a picture with my question. When I look online, from what I can see, the rings that look like this one are described as "Art Deco Circa", also one I found looks like this one and is described as "Mid Century". Following is a link to a ring that looks almost identical to the engagement ring ::

Except my ring, is solid white gold, and the wedding band only has 3 small diamonds, and I think the diamonds in my rings are smaller as well.... Any help, or input you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Hi Stephanie,
It seems like you are trying to inquire about the origins or the manufacturer of your wedding set handed down to you by your grandmother. From what you have described, the manufacturer of your ring may be BERLAND because of the stamp on it. It might be manufactured by Joseph Berland of New York. It also appears to be 14k gold based on the stamp. It cannot be concluded that the ring from Brilliant Earth and your grandmother's ring have the same origin and manufacturer but they do appear very similar so there is a possibility.  If you want to make sure that your ring is gold and a true antique, I suggest taking it to an antique jeweler who can inspect it up-close and in person. Hope this helps.

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