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Dear Jonathan, I have 2 emeralds that need repair.  One emerald has surface scratches.  The second emerald has surface cracks that do not run deep(i.e., the cracks appear to be minor line cracks that are only  on the surface of the emerald gemstone).  
  I am unclear if I need to get these repolished or if they need reoiling.
  Can you please tell me if scratches and/or surface cracks need oil treatment or repolishing of the surface?  
  Also, what about small pit marks on the surface?  I would think that for surface pit marks, I would need to have the emerald repolished because oiling would not cover the pits.  
  I very much need your assistance.

Hi Laura,

When it comes to cracks or surface irregularities in gems or diamonds it is extremely hard (as well as irresponsible) to advise on repair or recut it without seeing it. I would suggest you to see a local Gemologist (preferably trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so that they can review the Gem and see what the best method would be to repair the Emeralds. At that time the Gemologist can also detect if the Emeralds are natural, enhanced (most gems sold in the US are enhanced), or synthetic which helps to determine the best way to move forward with repair. Hope this helps and goodluck :)

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