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QUESTION: Hi my boyfriend and I have been looking at engagement rings and I have my heart set on a tacori setting it's 2623 rdp and we already purchased the center stone for it which is a round pink moissanite 7mm 1.25 ct there is a version of the setting that is for a .91-1.2 ct center and there's a version for a 1.21-1.80 ct center the price difference is $1,430 which is A LOT so my question is do you think our stone would fit in the smaller of the two settings? Or would we really have to pay $1,430 more just for .05 ct difference?

ANSWER: Dear Erin,

Having found the ring by the style number you so thoughtfully provided, I believe a competent jeweler will have no problem setting your gemstone into the smaller mounting. The setting style is flexible enough for that.

If you are planning to purchase the ring from a "physical" as opposed to internet jeweler, there should be a bench jeweler to definitely answer and confirm what I have said. (It is difficult to see such a price difference in the setting sizes you mentioned. Yikes!)

Keep in mind, stones which simulate diamonds are often sold not by actual carat weight but by the typical weight of a diamond of the same diameter. A moissanite is slightly less in specific gravity(density)than a diamond and a stone of 1 carat for example would be a little larger in measurement than a diamond of the same carat weight. You definitely need to go by mm diameter and a setting which will accommodate a 7mm gem. Since you have the diameter of your gemstone, that is all you need to fit it to a suitable mounting and makes my answer easier to come by, combined with a look at the actual setting area of the ring. The mounting chosen should be able to take the 7mm stone with little or no problem.

A jeweler who is going to do the setting should confirm what I have said. Dealing face to face with people is still the best way to solve some of the tricky questions, including yours. If you can do that, please do for confirmation.

Best wishes and blessings to both of you.  Thomas.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much that was most helpful the mm size of the stone is 7 and the ring can hold up to 6.8 mm I think ...does this seem possible still? It's just such a little size different and such a HUGE price difference!!

Erin, I believe your stone will fit however this is a close call since all I have to work with is an illustration of the ring.  

You might go to  and in the upper right at the top is a "where to buy" link.  Enter your zip code and you get the closest dealers.  I see you are from the same state I am.  I checked and found a store (2 locations) at the largest city near me and I imagine there are several other Tacori dealers in the state.  Try the link and see what is closest to you. If there is a Tacori seller near you, go there and ask if their jewelers are experienced in setting gems into Tacori rings and do they think there is enough leeway to put in a stone about 0.2mm larger.  Honestly, you are looking at moving out the prongs 0.1mm on the outside to get the 0.2mm diameter. Thickness of the prongs also has something to do with how much room there is in cutting the "seat" for your stone.  If they see your stone, they will also see how thick the girdle(waist) of the gem is cut. A thick girdle could be problematic but likely not considering the very small amount larger the ring needs to accept.

Erin, 0.2mm is 0.0079", slightly less than 8 thousandths of an inch.  Is should fit.  Please ask a jeweler who can also see your stone what they think.  

You could also email Tacori and ask them. They may not commit to an answer but might quickly give you an answer.  I imagine they will suggest a Tacori dealer see your stone first.

The real question is if your stone will go into the smaller setting by spreading the prongs slightly and if that will allow a safe setting for the stone.  The stone is set low into the top of the ring and that does away with most risk due to spreading the prongs slightly.

Best wishes and God Bless both of you.  Thomas.  

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