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Tie Pen/Cuff Link - Picture 1
Tie Pen/Cuff Link - Pi  

Tie Pen/Cuff Link - Picture 2
Tie Pen/Cuff Link - Pi  
My grandfather died recently and I am in charge of his estate. He apparently collected cuff links and tie pens. One of them stood out to me. I think it's a tie pen. It's marked 18K and it is white gold. It has a triangle white diamond with a small round white diamond at the top.
I am trying to get an idea on what it would be worth, but even more, if it represents a Mason sign. Someone brought it up and it got me thinking.
If you could help me in any way, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you so much for your time.
If the pictures I post aren't enough let me know what views you would want. I've got every angle there is for it.

Hi Amy,
The cuff link certainly seems to have value if it really is 18k white gold, and more if the diamond is real. Taking your cufflink to jeweler is the only way to find out exactly how much the cuff link will fetch since  a jeweler will have the tools necessary in inspecting and assessing the value of your cufflink. You could also go to an antique jeweler after to determine if it's age gives it any added value. Hope that helps.

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