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I have a lovely ring my great aunt gave me. Its wonderful bye all means. For many years they traveled all over and my uncle Loved to buy her fine an costume jewelry. But the one ring I received I cant seem to identify. Its in a silver setting , that allows plenty of light all around the ring. And on the band itself its stamped with 3H/H ? Ive looked every where.. and I cant seem to identify this ring at all. ( Honestly I don't care if the ring is valuable, Its a forever memory of my great aunt an uncle. ) But at the same time I'm very curious.

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts .

Hi Jammie,
The only company that comes to mind is Hukin and Heath who made jewelry from 1855 to 1953 but their mark is 'H&H' not 3H/H. I suggest that you take your ring to an antique jeweler or an antique appraiser, if there is one in your area as they are likely to have more knowledge regarding antiques since that is their specialty. Good luck!

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