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My fiancÚ bought my engagement ring from a jeweler that was going out of business (owner was retiring after almost 50yrs). He got a really good deal on my engagement ring which is white gold with platinum where the 3 diamonds are. The ring was originally a 4 1/2, and after the engagement I brought it to be sized, which had to be enlarged to an 8 1/4.
When I got it back. The shank was all warped (not exactly circular, and there were some wider and thinner parts throughout. But the most shocking part whas where the shank met the cathedral mount was clearly indented. I brought it back to tell them that it should look. Like the of other side and that I wasn't completely satisfied with it. So he sent it back to the person who did the resizing, and then I picked it up a few days later, only to see that it was better, but still not corrected and there was clearly signs of where it needed to be fixed. When I picked it up I clearly said that it wasn't right , and he told me he didn't see what I was seeing and to bring it home and try it on with the wedding band and you wouldn't see where it wasn't "identical to the other side". I was furious. But went home to show my fiancÚ who was also very upset that they had sent the ring back and not fixed and then tried saying it was fine.
I went to a different jeweler to get a second opinion. Since I was told by the original guy there wasn't anything wrong. The second opinion was that all the areas I saw wrong needed to be fixed.  I got a price for the other jeweler to fix it, but the original guy wouldn't pay for another place to fix it, said he would send it to his "specialist" this time. I then priced out how much it would be to get a whole new setting, since I was afraid that the mounting and area around the diamonds had been ruined. The original jeweler said fixing it again by his specialist wouldn't compromise the ring, and said  it could be fixed.
I'm worried that if it comes back not completely fixed that I'm going to get stuck paying for a new setting that is going to cost me upwards of 3,000, and he won't play for it.
Does heating up the metal around the diamonds compromise the strength of holding the diamonds in place, or ruin the ring? Do you think it would be better to just do  a whole new setting at this point?

Hi Heidi,

Sizing any ring from a 4 1/2 to an 8 1/2 with stones in it is a real stretch. It should not have been done in the first place. The gold around the diamonds holding the stones are normally die struck and very durable. At this point stick with the guy who is fixing it. An expert jeweler should be able to fix it. If your not satisfied when you get it back just get a new setting or find an expert jeweler who can do it right. Good luck,


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