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Hi, I am new to making jewellery and thought I'd cracked flux and soldering!  However, my last piece did not come out of the pickle with the flux removed.  How can I get rid of the white flux marks, please?  Really grateful if you can help.

Dear Pauline,

If the material is silver, the white is quite possibly a fine silver residue left on the surface after the pickle did its work. Try to buff that area and you will know right away.*  

If the residue is actually flux residue, you might try boiling the item.  A short while in boiling water will generally remove the most stubborn flux residue.

If none of that works, you need to very gently sand the area then polish as desired to remove sanding marks.  

*Jewelers will heat silver and after air cooling slightly will put it into the pickle. Repeating the process several times produces a flat(matte) and very white surface of pure silver.  This is used for decoration or as a step in the process of "reticulation".

God Bless and Peace. Best wishes in your jewelry work!  Thomas.  

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