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Caribe Diamonds Guarantee
Caribe Diamonds Guaran  
QUESTION: My father bought a Caribe Diamond from the Rycom Central Exchange, Okinawa, on 9/11/1953.  We have the guarantee for it but we can't tell which ring it is.  The Guarantee say Ring #524, price $310.50 and there are some notations on the back describing the ring.

However we still can't discern which ring it is and it's possible value.

Would you please look at the front and back of the attached jpeg and provide us with anything information you may have.


ANSWER: Dave, Because there is so little to go on, I doubt I will be able to help much but will try. First, you need to send a photo of the back of the document. All i got was the one photo of the front, "the guarantee" side.  The most helpful other information you could send is photos of the rings being considered.  I will then do my best to compare what is written against the photos.

Did you use a scanner to image the document? If so, you might try the rings with the scanner. This will sometimes work for a flat view from top and side. I suggest this only if it is difficult to get a good photo otherwise.

I will wait for your reply.  Thanks and God Bless.  Thomas.

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Reverse Side of Guarantee
Reverse Side of Guaran  
Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring  
QUESTION: Thomas, thanks for the quick reply and I've attached the reverse side of the Guarantee Certificate as well as the ring I think is the one.

Regards, Dave

ANSWER: Dave, you sent the front side again it appears to me.   Please give it one more shot. : )
The jewelry pics will work fine. Now I just need the description. You can type in what it says instead of attaching a photo if you want. That might be easier to read than the certificate back. Thanks again. I should be here when it arrives.   God Bless.  Thomas.

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Reverse Side of Guarantee
Reverse Side of Guaran  
QUESTION: Thomas, sorry thought I had the right picture.  Will try again.

Dave, I will tell you what I gathered from the info on the document. What I cannot do is give any idea of what the jewelry is worth in the market today.

As you know, gold has gone up tremendously, being about $35 per troy ounce in 1953 and at about $1386 today.  I doubt the stones have increased in value any where that greatly but would be worth more than when purchased.There is also the possibility of the stones not being diamonds. Some "Caribe" diamonds sold at military stores were actually zircons, not cubic zirconia but the colorless version of the natural gemstone zircon.  

The way to get a valuation is an appraisal and that is not free.  If that is what you want, call some jewelers who have the credentials to do the appraisal (GIA certification in the least) and ask the charge.

The ring in the photo could be the one. What I got from the document back is stones contained in the ring.  The center stone is 0.60 carat and there are two side stones, likely 0.06 carats each for a total of 0.12 carats.  Possibly the info on the side stones is size for each stone but is more likely the total weight. If 0.06 ct diamond size, the diameter of a round stone would be near 2.5mm.  A 0.60 csarat diamond size is close to 5.4 or so mm.   Keep in mind, diameter varies with the cut of the stone. Carat is weight, not size.  A very flattish and shallow stone will be wide in comparison to a deeply cut one of the same weight.

This is the info I gathered from the paperwork.  I do hope this helps in some little way.
Best wishes with it.

God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.

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