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what does 14kt gold necklace 588

Der Margo, the numeral 588 does not fit what is used for karat marks. This is possibly an id of a style of necklace. The 14k tells what the necklace is made of as far as karat of gold.

Sometimes both a numerical mark and a K mark will be on a jewelry item. 14k may be marked with the numbers 583 or 585.  While 583 is officially 14k, 585 was started in use in Europe and now is used for most 14k jewelry. This is slightly higher than 14k, being about 14.04 karat, just high enough to assure the gold does reach the true standard for 14k by being slightly higher. There should also be a stamp for the makers initials or symbol showing who made the necklace.

If the numerals on the necklace are quite clear, odds are the mark 588 has nothing to do with the karat and is a mark meaning something else from the manufacturer, like style as mentioned already.  I quite worn, it could be easy for a 583 to be mistaken for 588.  Only you can see that well enough to know.

Thanks for the question.  God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.  

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