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Dear Thomas,

This is our last year's conversation :

For you to know, the rencong project is in progress and will be finished within the next 3 months.

While waiting for the rencong project to finish, I made an experiment using keris (another Indonesian traditional weapon from Java) by fitting another drilled red jasper to the keris' shaft.

Just want to share with you, this is how it look like.


Your workmanship and design is wonderful as I may see in the photographs.  I understand this weapon is both weapon and object of art, perhaps with spiritual quality.  Obviously, both weapon and sheath are decorated in traditional manners with your personal design.  I am very pleased with this work and see much reason for joy in viewing and holding the keris.

Sometimes, people who contact me here do not come back. This is sad because I am interested in the progress they make in projects and in developing methods of art and craftsmanship.  Donny, thank you very much for sending the photos. This is very appreciated.

God's Blessings and Peace.  Thomas.  

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Education is English/Physics! Started in human resources, to advertising, to, what a road. I have had formal training in jewelry work and many shared experiences with top grade jewelers. We just never know were we will go or be. Follow your best, your dreams, with some discretion! Don't let the work tear up your body along the way as it has mine.

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