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I don't know for sure, but what if there isn't a limit on oil at all? What if quantum mysticism is right? What if there isn't a limit on gold or silver or platinum either? I mean humans have made jewelry since at least the time of the Celts but probably back to the Egyptians, but we're sill using and having gold! And it's still plentiful enough to be sold in stores and jewelry shops! Same with silver! What if there's no such thing as a nonrenewable resource? I mean, if resources were going to run out, then we would have mined all of a resource after about 4-12 years, but we are still able to mine/get these resources!

The USGS has a mineral deposit map viewable in Google Earth. And Minex Consulting has discovery and mining data.

Adam, unfortunately I do not recall having received this question/rhetorical statement previously. Forgive me on that.

I do believe some resources are limited. Also limited are our means to reach deposits of some minerals and botanically created resources such as coal and oil.  Sure, we will deplete our methods and then other methods are used because humans are needing these things and also greed plays a factor in efforts to violate the earth to satisfy our created needs instead of development of other resources.  Fracking is now tried to extract oil as is refining of oil shale. Minerals which become limited in raw form will be extracted from minerals containing the wanted materials, perhaps causing tons and tons of material to be mined to harvest a minimal reward. That has to do with demand and the market willing to pay. You might want to research how many tons of blue earth is mined to produce one diamond crystal which will cut a decent 1 carat gemstone. That info is out there and validated, no secrets just facts of the business.

Mountain tops have been taken down in strip mining for coal for much more than 12 years and the disfigured remnants are there. The mining continues and the coal is not running out.

So, you tell me, what if we do not run out? Is that a bad thing? I am not a geologist. I am not a believe in naturalism. I do believe we are somewhat responsible to be caretakers more than pillagers of our planet.  Quite honestly, the total tonnage estimated of gold mined is not that huge compared to the time the metal has been adored and used by mankind.  "We buy gold" means the metal is being reused, over and over again. And, yes, mined in profitable areas.

I don't know why I even commented on this instead of rejecting the "question". You cannot expect me to have an answer to this, not really.  Unfortunately, in the end the earth loses and political schemes of greed will likely continue on. I hope it does not run out.

So, Adam, there you have some comments. God Bless and Peace, yes, to the earth also. Thomas.  

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