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Dear Thomas,
Regarding a diamond's cutting, how many facets should be there before it gets too many?
While the generic diamond has 57 facets, there are some diamonds with 98 facets or even 101 facets and get very high grading.

Dear Choo,
The standard ideal cut has the lower number of facets of those you mentioned and at one time was considered the best faceting design for creating the highest rated appearance in scintilation, retrun of light to the eye and overal briliance. With most cutting designs that is true. However, the addition of extra facets has in some cuts increased the beauty of the gemstone overall. I believe that is why these gems will sometimes get high ratings. Remember, an older style cut such as an "old mine cut" lacked briliance not becsuse of number of facets but because of the angles and resulting depth of the cut, a "briliant" gem for its time but lacking in radiance compared to the next great evolution in style, the American Briliant or Ideal Cut. Cut in grading refers to quality of cut and finish, not shape of the gemstone. In that is allowance for newer styles with added facets. When the aditional facets add to the appearance in a positive way the grade may be high. Simple adding of facets wil not, however, in any way automaticaly make the grade higher.

There are gemologists on the Jewelry GEms and Minerals page who know more than do I on this subject of diamond grading.

Now, a busy week awaits me! Blessing to all. Thomas.

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