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picture of marking
picture of marking  
I have a chance to buy a gold ring but can't understand the karat marking.  It is "p10k" with no separations...then some other mark, which I don't recognize.  Trying to look up on the internet left me with not even conflicting, but basically no information about this marking at all!  If you have any information about this marking, please let me know.

ANSWER: Hi Rahul,

P10 k markings on a piece of jewelry often it means that the jewelry has been 'plated' or coated with a thin layer of 10 karat gold over a base metal like nickel or copper. The other marking beside it however seems already too worn out to tell exactly what sort of logo it is, but it is most likely that it is the mark of the company who made that ring.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for the reply.  However it seems this is an uncommon marking, and the usual marking for plated gold is "H.G.E" or "P.E".  Since this is before the 10k mark, I had heard this was an older method, before a specific marking system was established, to indicate plumb.  Would a company even bother to mark a logo for a plated item?  Google results are non existant regarding this marking, leading me to believe this is a much older piece, hence the unorthodox hallmark.  If you happen to find any more information regarding this, please do let me know.
thanks again

Hi Rahul,

H.G.E and P.E is commonly used along with G.F and others. To be really accurate however, I would suggest you go to a jeweler that specializes in antique jewelry and have them inspect the ring in person. They'd be able to do a better job when they can see the ring up close and inspect it with the appropriate tools. Goodluck!

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