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Dear Thomas,
I have a GIA certificate stating my diamond has "minor details of polish" and yet the polish is rated as "excellent". How is that possible that the polish is excellent (instead of "very good", for example) even with minor details of polish?

Choo, this "minor detail" is something a skilled appraiser would need to show you using a microscope.   
Typically, the effectiveness of a cut and polish results in the best brightness, fire and scintillation.   "Perfect" is not part of the grade as far as I know and Excellent does allow very slight room for minor details which obviouslyi do not affect those characteristics in the first of this paragraph.  The diamond is polished so well that it exceeds the "very good" and to grade it "very good" would do a disservice to the polish it has.

There is slight allowances in grading. Considering that people are doing that grade assignment, some slight allowancews are needed.  GIA generally grades rather strictly.   Another grader using another system might very well grade it higher than excellent or make no mention whatever of minor details.  I likely have not explained this well but do hope it makes sense.

I am no longer in the grading business and have been out of that area for some years now.

God Blessings to all.  Thomas.  

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