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found this class ring several months ago. School unable to help find owner, Craigslist a dead end same as social media. with jeweler's loupe I have verified that all 40 diamonds are real, yet ring is marked LTM (lustrium). yet again on the top most section of ring the "shiny" luster of ring is fading to reveal grayish/whitish metal. According to Jostens',  Lustrium does not fade, tarnish, nor does the finish peel/chip. Could what I am seeing actually be rhodium plating on a mismarked white gold ring? If not, who bothers with putting 40 real diamonds on a lustrium ring? Should I bother taking it to jeweler to find out?

Hi Jason,

If you haven't tried yet, you can contact Jostens and they can help you find the owner. They might also be able to tell you more about the ring. Also if the ring is yellow lustrium, it is still coated with gold so it will tarnish, peel and chip over time as all metals do (just that lustrium is more duarble than others.) Of course, Jostens also offers their rings in silver so your theory can also be correct. The best way to find out for sure what type of metal it is, is by taking it to a jeweler and have them inspect it, that way you can also have the diamonds verified. Goodluck!

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