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Dear Mr. Karnawat,

I am terrified to learn that Chlorine in the swimming pool can irreversibly damage a natural Ruby. I did not know any better and have swam in a public pool twice with my very expensive unheated Burmese Ruby. I always make 10 laps and get out to take a shower at the gym.  I looked at it carefully and it seemed to be the same. But I am so afraid that the damage has been done. Please advise me what I can expect.  I appreciate your time and efforts.



Dear Justin
Chlorine does not damage a natural unheated ruby. Natural unheated rubies have corundum & chromium primarily in their crystal structure neither of which are reactive towards chlorine to the best of my knowledge. If the ruby is unheated or even just heated, I do not think that you need not worry about damaging it due to chlorinated water.
That said, chlorine may react with the metal of your ring & erode away the prongs which can lead your ruby to fall out of the ring. Kindly have it checked at a the jeweler to test the integrity of the prongs. Only take your ring to the jeweler whom you bought it from or to a trusted jeweler to ensure that your gemstones do not get swapped by mistake or intentionally.

Congratulations on your fine ruby purchase!

Best regards
Sambhav Karnawat
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