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I have a twisted style rope chain 24" long that has a flat oval link next to the clasp.  Stamped on one side is Italy and the other side is stamped with 1/2 sun or 1/2 circle with spokes(filling in the 1/2 of the oval) and a straight line and then below 14K.  I have tested and I'm sure it's gold but it does seem older and darker than current styles.  I purchased this probably 20 years ago at a second hand jeweler store.  I was thinking about selling it but I'm not sure how vintage it may be and if that would affect the price.  I know you don't do maker's marks but anything you could tell me or direction you could point me would help.  Thanks

Dear Theresa,

I honestly cannot tell a lot without the chain to work with.  I have three primary suggestions to begin, the first means looking for a seller of estate jewelry.  These companies are often expert in dating jewelry items.  They are buyers of estate and vintage jewelry because that is where they get their products to sell. One such company is at this link:   Lang is the company name.  I am not absolutely certain, but I think in years past I have worked with them and they were quite knowledgeable and forthright.  Their site on the left column of home page has links to all sorts of information.  They may have instructions for contacting them concerning an item such as your rope chain.

The second suggestion is look for estate jewelry sellers in your area and go to them personally, chain in hand.

The third idea is net based and means searching items for sale on eBay, Ruby Lane and other Internet sellers of vintage jewelry.  The searching has one goal: To find a quite similar item to help in your assessment of the age of your chain. This is the least accurate method but on occasion, I have found the very item by the same maker(same maker stamps).  Try the first two suggestions first jump into a net search when you have time to dwell there.

Theresa, best wishes in this quest.  In the least, we have avoided an impossible rabbit trail of twist and turns leading nowhere.  This might not find the answer but is based on a sensible start.

I am not certain right off if older Italian markings reflect year of manufacture.  A few websites do show the regulatory stamps for precious metal jewelry of various countries. This is another bit of detective work to consider.

Again, I hope you find what you want and sooner rather than later!  God Bless and Peace. Thomas.

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