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I have this Black Opal from Sri Lanka. which is about 40 years old, its 12x8x4mm but i don't know how much it weighs. When turned it has a slight red and green on one edge. The back of it is complete black. Could you possibly guess how much it might worth?

Thanks and Regards

ANSWER: Hello Kavinda,
I've never seen a black opal from Sri Lanka.
Although it is possible..opal is common around the world , but not precious or colourfull like australian opal  .the conditions must have been volcanic of origin
not laid down like australian black opal from lightning ridge which is sedimentary from Cretaceous era ...
From the image you shown it's indeed very dark, and only one image shows some colour , deep violet .
It look like a couple of carat in size .. I'm afraid to say that it is not of particularly good quality.
The polish has no mirror shine , how sure are you this is from Ceylon ? And 40 years old ?
If it were polished highly and australian ,it could be a couple of hundred dollars  ...  
Perhaps you should have it polished then assess it again .be careful with too much heat when polishing it.
I hope that helps some.
It sure is an interesting specimen.
Best regards rod Keady

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Under camera flash.
Under camera flash.  
Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed answer. it helps indeed.
I'm from Sri Lanka and you're right neither do i think that the opal was mined in Sri Lanka. i found it among a couple of other gems which i got from my grandfather so i'm sure it's 40 years old.

I have one more question.. the attached image is said to be a pendant made of white opal..which is also about 40 years old. it's 13x9x4mm. could you confirm by looking at the image that it's made of opal? if so if it's of any worth?

Thanks and regards

Hi again Kavina,

This one is even more difficult... I have a feeling it's not opal
The shot under flash , makes me think it's  shell or even carved ammonite
Opal should respond differently  ..
Without  a better image I would only guessing
It looks like a woman holding a child  carving , the edges where the colour is shown  looks like shell
Too hard to put a price on it ... I'm not sure what materials this is
At the end if the day ... The price that  it's worth is how much someone is prepared to pay for it .
I'm sorry i can't help you with it .
My father was in Sri Lanka when it was Ceylon .. And had some big customers in Forte Gall.
They were big sapphire dealers Ii wrote to a company I thought was them...
But had no reply ..I really wanted to visit and see if I could do some business there .
But alas no communication with any company there'. So Ii stuck with traditional markets
Japan USA and Hong Kong
Are you in the business at all or are you going thru some interesting items from your family .
I'm very interested  to come there one day
Best regards

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