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Someone told me this is a blue diamond. I have a photo of it and the hallmark and also what it's tested on a meter. I know you can't say for sure, but do you have an opinion on if it seems more likely than not that it is a blue diamond? Can you tell me anything else about it that you might know? It doesn't let me upload more than two images. I'll try and send another question to add another two photos.

I also wonder if you are aware of any ways a layman can learn about jewelry and gems without going all out to be a professional.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for your question. What I can say for now is that unfortunately I wont be able to tell from pictures if a diamond is real or not as diamond inspection involves multiple tests to be conducted on the gem itself. Another thing is that synthetic diamonds like Mossianite can fool electronic diamond testers so electronic testers aren't always indicative of a diamond's authenticity. If you would like to determine whether your diamond is real or not (and what the actual value is) sending your ring/gem to a gemologist would be the best option. You can be sure they they will be able to tell you and lay out data about your gem (that are achieved through lab tests.) You can also learn more about gems and diamonds here and for starters. I hope that helps.

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