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QUESTION: Hi, I came across a beautiful ring that has an emerald cut, solitaire emerald with (6) Diamond accents on each side, making it (12) Total diamond accents.  Inside the ring it is marked (I THINK) G/D then 14K then HDS.  I have a 40x loop so I can see it pretty good but the G/D looks like a few different things depending on how u look at it, kinda looks like GID or 610.  I know the HDS is a marking for Helzberg Diamond Store but they have not gotten back to me after several attempts!!  Any info u might have on it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!    THANKS!!!

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

GID,10 or G10 marking might be Helzberg's product code markings. Sometimes jewelers or manufacturers put them on rings for inventory purposes. I do hope Helzberg gets back to you on that one, because it is the only way you can know for sure what the marking is. Goodluck!

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QUESTION: Could the markings possibly be CID??  What exactly does CID mean when stamped on the inside of a ring?  I came across one, while looking on Ebay, and it looked similar 2 mine and had in the description that is was marked CID 14K.   Thanks for the information, IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

It could be CID and if it is, in that case then it isn't from Helzberg but from Clyde Duneier, Inc. of New York. They typically use the makers mark 'CID'. Hope that helps.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry 2 keep bothering you but u r the only person I have found that will help me identify this ring, I think it could be VERY valuable (I'm the type of person that would through u off a percentage 4 helping me out, if it's worth anything)!!  I forgot to mention it has a nice sized solitaire Emerald Cut Emerald (I think genuine and is 1+ Carat alone) then it has (12) Total Diamond accents, (6) on each side of the Gemstone....Here's an example:

::: Gemstone :::

each dot representing a Diamond accent.......R there Green Diamonds??  Maybe that's what the G (Or C) /D means?? I also Found some numbers on the inside of the band and they are 319116 (I don't know how I missed them before, there pretty big but on the other side of the CID (or whatever it is) 14K HDS!!  I am learning about it but there's a lot that goes into it and I'm a disabled, single father w/o any income b/c I can't work due 2 a car accident and SSD won't help us @ all!!  Any and all information you might have is so GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!  If I can ever figure this one out I only have 40+ Gold or Silver items I still need 2 identify!!! Lol    Seriously, Thank-You 4 EVERYTHING!!!!

Hi Michael,

Those numbers and the letters might be inventory code and/or the makers mark. If you are looking to sell the ring, or any of your jewelries, the only way to know their value is going to a appraiser/jeweler. The jewelries have to be inspected in person and that is the only way that the value can be appraised. They'll b able to tell what kind of stones are on your ring, how many carats they are and how much your ring could sell for. Goodluck!

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