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Im trying to get any information about my ring.I got it for christmas from an ex a few years ago.he told me it is white far as I know is it is a 14k white gold ring and it has a total of 11 jewels.dont know if they are daimonds or not.the band is ingraved with 14k and SBT(in a circle). I had it apraised once but they only gave me an offer.ofcourse I dont have many options close to my home.any information yall can give me would financally in a hole and dont want to make a mistake by getting rid of it.please help me.

Hi Jessie,

You did the right thing by taking it to an appraiser but them not giving you paper work on the value and the worth of the piece is troubling.

While it is extremely hard to value a ring by a description or even with a picture of that matter, I would suggest going to a legitimate appraiser that can evaluate the piece and give you a written appraisal with a value. This would be your best bet to make sure you receive a fair price for the ring should you choose to sell it. If you do choose to get an appraisal it is advisable to ask the Gemologist or Jeweler how much he/she charges before agreeing to the appraisal. Sometimes a ring is worth less than the cost of the appraisal. Hope that helps.


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