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Dear Jonathan, I sell fine jewelry online and I have a customer from South America who recently purchased an emerald gemstone ring from me.  This buyer has asked me to send the ring to a mailing company in Doral, FL(supposedly many people in South America who purchase items from US have their purchased items sent to a mailing company in the US who then delivers the items to their location in South America.  
   I have heard that many fraudulent purchasers use mailing company in the US.  However, I have a question.  
   I know that some of the best emeralds are mined from South America and if I am correct, the price for emerald jewelry would be less expensive in South America compared to US.  Therefore, I am confused as to why a customer would want to purchase an emerald ring from the US when it would most likely be less expensive to purchase in South America.  
   -Is this is a red flag that a person from South America would purchase an emerald ring from the United States and have it mailed to their location in South America?-

I ask because I am wondering if I need to cancel this transaction.  I very much need your assistance

Hi Laura,

For international customers we always request a wire transfer which will keep you (as a merchant) safe.

This is the payment method you should receive and once you receive it you can ship it to anywhere they quest.


Jonathon Ohayon  

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