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Tanzanite is rare and beautiful so why is it so inexpensive to buy?  I love tanzanite but it is politically incorrect to purchase among my friends.

Debra, You will need to use the follow-up option to tell me exactly how political correctness is of concern to you. I have no honest idea what you are talking about!

As for tanzanite being inexpensive, it does not rank up there with fine rubies and sapphires but as these website will show, fine gems are certainly not inexpensive.  If you see a fine or gem grade tanzanite you will be surprised at the true deep beauty of the gem.  Inexpensive qualities simply do not compare.

Are you concerned about human rights violations in mining areas of Tanzania and that possibly making sales of gems politically incorrect?  Read this information and see what you think morally:  Go to "extractive" near center mid left of page and click.  Some information is given on working conditions.  I do not have enough knowledge of actual conditions to say purchasing the gem mined under less than the best conditions is morally wrong.  To me, I would be more concerned about the morality than jumping on the politically incorrect parade. Unfortunately too many things seen as incorrect have been labeled such by those wanting anyone supporting the item to also be labeled incorrect and to appear wrong when sometimes there is no wrong at all, just a different opinion or belief. This is more of a violation in many areas than actual support of a particular practice or purchasing a particular item for sale. Certainly a miner gains very, very little compared to the value of sold goods. Still, that miner must have some income to survive.  I fear that if we were labeled politically incorrect for purchasing items made in environmentally hazardous conditions(to workers and to the earth), we would have to cease buying most of what we buy...made in China for instance.

If it is wrong to buy or sell tanzanite for political reasons, would not it be just as immoral to deal in inexpensive grades as in costly gems? Tanzanian only comes from Tanzania, any and all prices and grades.   

If this is the political incorrectness with which you are concerned, you will have to study the issue and use your own moral judgment. I cannot do that for you.  

If I wanted and was able to purchase a fine tanzanite, I would not personally feel guilty about it.  This is a decision for you to make, as with other things branded as "politically incorrect".
We need to study the issue and make up our minds if it truly is an immoral thing to do and deeper in scope than appearances only and possibly what someone else would like for you to believe. I cannot make that call for someone else.

Debra, I understand some of what was said isway beyond my area of expertise.  Please forgive me if you think the answer went overboard. However you did ask and I have learned that people in some parts of the world need all the help they can get just to stay alive and that is a consideration.

God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.  

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