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Whole gem collection
Whole gem collection  
I have a whole collection of Brazilian mine stones. I was wondering where I could find someone that could tell me how much the whole collection would be worth if I were to sell them.

will one way to get some idea of the value is to go to eBay and find the exact same stone then to the left you will find a option to click sold items… This is items that have already sold giving you a pretty clear picture of what he is actually were just because someone may West something for hundred dollars doesn't mean it's worth $100 to you have to work for this sold option that will filter out items that you have picked that have actually sold.... Another way of finding out value is to find rock cutter's in your vicinity by that I mean someone that is close enough that you can actually show your stones to these people are the ones that often go out and find stones and then cut them into gemstones they have a good idea of what the value will be good luck regards Rolfe

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I will answer any questions regarding semi-precious stones or precious stones. I will answer questions regarding mounting both semi-precious and precious stones. I can also answer most questions regarding small manufacturing. I can not answer questions regarding casting or fine jewelry.


I am a small manufacturer of jewelry for semi-precious stones. I have been working in this area for 10 years. Our Major stones are Larimar (from the Caribbean) and Dichroic ( a man made crystal ). The majority of our work is in silver and 14k gold. We do not deal in fine jewelry such as diamonds..

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