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Further to my previous question, the objective of making an acrylic core gold electroplating jewel, is to set diamonds on it without risking the cracking that happens when doing this on hollow electroforming pieces, even using a casting claw to insert the gemstone, these pieces end up breaking. So I need to know if itís still considered a high quality jewel with the acrylic inside. Thanks!

Ana, this is essentially electroformed jewelry with the core left intact.  The core would present major problems if another jeweler tried to repair the item and any heat was used. If pushed to say high quality or not, I would likely say no. It likely should be electroformed to a thickness and uniformity of gold deposited so it would not crack or break in gentle stone setting. That would raise the quality and the core would not be needed except for conveying the design to the plate layer. But, I am not a final judge on this.  The quality is not only the materials but design and quality of build.  If for sale, a notification of the acrylic interior would be essential, noting that the core remains for strength and to help prevent serious denting.  This is not much different from the use wax/plaster mix to add weight and solidity to items such as sterling candlesticks. The candlesticks are suddenly quite weak and light weight with the stuffing gone!

I do not have an answer from hallmarking regulations.

If considered an art item, more so than jewelry in the ordinary sense, it might get closer to being high quality.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.
In the strictest sense, an answer from the assay office will be best. If they cll it hallmark-able jewelry, quality will then depend almost directly on design and high level of make.

God Bless.  Thomas  

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