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I have some sterling silver I want to make into an ingot.  I have  prepared the crucible with borax, and would like to know if I need to prepare and/or preheat the graphite mold before I pour the silver.  I'm using a torch.


While not all jewelers preheat the mold, I have found incomplete filling is sometimes a result of pouring into a cold mold. Simply play the torch around the outside then the inside of the mold until it is hot.  If hot enough for the borax to glisten, it is hot enough and can be slightly cooler than that.   These molds are generally effective and work well.

Melting metal in a graphite crucible is often a problem, however. The conductance of graphite may prevent metals which are highly heat conductive from soaking up enough heat to melt properly while heat is lost to the surroundings from the crucible.  If melting in a graphite crucible, keep an eye on the metal to insure it is fluid.

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