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Buying a large ring made of duralite. Can't find any info on this stuff beyond that it some type of aluminum oxide. What exactly IS it, how durable is it, as I can be hard on rings. I prefer sterling silver but these rings are only made of duralite and gold. Couldn't afford the gold. Would really like to know. Thanks

The DURALITE trademark was filed by J. JENKINS SONS CO., INC. of BALTIMORE for their specific line of jewelry on 2/1999, but this name has been abandoned since 4/2000 and is no longer in use.

On their own website they define Duralite as "comparable to a fine jeweler's nonprecious material. It polishes to a brilliant silver luster and is known for its strength, resistance to chemical reaction and ease of maintenance." Thus they keep the exact composition of the Duralite material a "trade secret".

DURALITE appears to be a metal ceramic based on aluminum oxide. It probably contains silicon carbide as well to make the end product hard. There are several competitors that all make these metal substitutes but name them differently, such as Alconite by Fuji corp.

The material is still in use in various fishing gear. It is a non-precious material, though. Sorry, NO gold, silver, platinum, palladium or other precious metals present in Duralite.  

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