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In Belize last week, we found a green, opaque, chalky looking rough stone that looked almost exactly like a green rubber eraser. It didn't have sharp sides, but rather looked almost folded. I did not get a picture. It was found in a "gravel" parking lot so it may not have been native to Ambergris Caye or even to Belize. Any ideas would help assauge our curiosity. Thank you!

hello you need to bring this into a gemologist or perhaps a rock cutter its best that they see it
right in front of them as opposed to a photo.... Try calling the Gemological Institute of America you can Google that they are in Carlsbad California they have many graduates all over the country you could ask them if there is one near your location..if you find a local person usually there will be no charge but you should ask before it is examined.
regards Rolfe

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