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A couple of years ago I inherited a small pouch of 5 yellow gold diamond rings from a distant relative.  This relative had no children and only spoke to me a few times in her life.  I suppose she just had no one else to leave the rings to.  While I do appreciate her thinking of me, I know that I will never wear them. They aren't the prettiest or most fashionable rings.  They are too gaudy for my taste. They have been stored away ever since I received them.  I considered keeping them, but honestly can find no use for them.  I took them to a friend who works at a jewelry store and got an "unofficial" appraisal of about $1,200.00 - total value on ALL of the rings.  So, its really nothing to get excited over.  One of my children has recently had some large medical bills that are weighing heavily on me.  I would like to possibly look at selling the rings to help make a payment or two on these bills and relieve some of the pressure for a bit.  I have never had much interest in jewelry so I have no idea what to do or what my best options would be. Any suggestions on where or how to sell them to get max return?  Local jeweler suggested e-bay, but seems like then I would need to pay for an appraisal, e-bay fees and paypal fees.  Not sure its worth it for such a small amount of money....

here are some thoughts if you do not know what the value is and perhaps this jeweler that gave you a figure of $1200 may not be accurate.... I would hope he gave you a basic price on each individual ring....
Diamonds like so many gem cells can be worth very little if they're not high quality but then if they are, they may be worth a lot more.... I would find 2 more jewelers and asked for appraisals and I would suggest not to leave them out of your site for example overnight I know it's very rare but unscrupulous jewelers can switch a stone on you and there's basically nothing you can do about it.... Also ask if there is a price before you get the appraisal.... If you find one that does seem to have quite a bit of value you should check the gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad New York....
They can give you a complete report on grading of a stone and if it is a valuable one that can laser print a serial number....
Hope this helps regards Rolfe

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