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I have a Russian Amazonite bezel set ring. The stone cracked. Can it be repaired? The ring has sentimental value.It is set in a silver colored metal. It isn't sterling silver or silver plated. Metal has never tarnished or discolored.


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Dear Linda, Color is not needed for a fine crack since the colorless epoxy will show essentially the color of the gem. To fill a gap, you need color and that must be a pigbmernt made for epoxy or plastic rosin, generally found at a crafts store.  Best wishes and again, Blessings and peace. Thomas
If the stone can be removed from the bezel without further damage, it may be cleaned well with alcohol and cemented with a water clear epoxy, my choice being  Epoxy 330 by Hughes. Some other brands cure with an amber color and show too much on a repair.

If too risky to try and remove it from the bezel, the stone should be soaked a few minuted in alcohol, wiped off and allowed to dry. Then using a gentle heat source like a light bulb or hair dryer, heat the amazonite. Have some of the epoxy already mixed an using a toothpick or similar tool, run a little of the cement onto the crack. You will notice the cement becoming more liquid because heat makes this happen.  Hear also speeds up the curing of the epoxy.  It is for a while more runny then thickens to eventually cure hard. Put the toothpick in the leftover cement. This will give you a way to check the cement to see if hard when cured.

As the stone cools, some of the cement will be drawn into the crack...that was the reason for heating the stone.  When the cement begins to thicken slightly, wipe off the stone gently with a little alcohol but try not to wipe cement out of the cracked area.  Give it a few hours to fully cure.

This sort of repair is not perfect but it done carefully, the crack will be well disguised and the stone will stay together as one piece.

The metal might be nickle silver, a mix of nickle and tin for the most part. It is not easy to work this metal.

Best wishes, Linsa. God Bless and Peace.   Thomas

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