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QUESTION: Hello, I have an 18K emerald and diamond ring bought from an estate which I cannot identify.  The hallmark looks like "LSC" but it is incised in the gallery of the ring.  This made me rule out Leo Schachter as all I have found is a stamped "LSC" for his jewelry.  If you can help me identify the maker, I'd much appreciate it.

ANSWER: I am sorry I cannot help you with this hallmark although I would recommend you to be careful if you leave your ring out of sight or overnight for examination or any kind of appraisal since is always a possibility of the stones being changed...
Regards Rolfe

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again, Rolfe.  Although the hallmark remains a mystery, might you have some idea of it's value?  It's a very nicely colored emerald 1.25ct. with 24 VS F/G diamonds, 18K. That is about all I can determine through my loop.  Thanks.

sorry I really can not help you out on appraising the value it's not in my expertise.... You may want to check with GIA in Carlsbad California..... On Google and they can provide you a complete analysis of stones for analysis of the stones....
regards rolfe  

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