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I have a question about platinum jewelry, particularly about it being magnetic. I'd never heard of this before, until I heard someone mention dropping a platinum ring into a floor register and being able to pick it up using a magnet.

My engagement ring and wedding band are both platinum (or so I had believed). Out of curiosity I tried picking them up with a magnet. The wedding band was easily picked up by the magnet, however the engagement ring was not.

Would this be because it's heavier with the diamond (the wedding band is diamond as well, but has several very small stones, as opposed to the larger center stone in the engagement ring)? Or does this mean my engagement ring is not platinum as I'd always believed (and as stated in the paperwork)?

Some platinum is made with cobalt as an alloy metal instead of iridium or ruthenium.  Cobalt will definitely make the metal attracted to a strong magnet and the platinum metal may attract small ferrous particles.  Other platinum jewelry alloys are NOT magnetic    Cobalt/plat is magnetic, others are not.  This is a pain for jewelers since care must be taken not to allow any steel particles from tools, etc., to be on the metal when it is  welded. Ferrous metal that hot will contaminate the platinum.

Your ring is most likely what it says it is.  A jeweler can test it to alleviate any deep concerns.

Cobalt/platinum is magnetic but not strongly so.
Get back if you need more answered.

Blessings and peace.  Thomas.  

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