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QUESTION: My significant other scored the back of my silver locket and superglued a baltic amber stone that kept falling out.  You can now see the scoring and the glue, making it look like it's fractured. It's a beautiful piece, how do I save it? Can I weaken the glue with acetone, or nail polish remover, or alcohol and then take it to a jeweler's to smoth the silver again?

ANSWER: Lillie, you have one good option: 1. Works well but you must exercise care if any prying is needed to lift the stone from the setting. That is simply a good long soak in acetone. The solvent will not   bother genuine amber. Plastics will likely be mush.  The problem is getting the solvent to contact enough of the cement to loosen or dissolve to free the amber.

I know all was well intentioned but super glue is likely the worse choice for any cement work with gems, pearls, etc.

If the amber is removed successfully, a jeweler should be able to remove the scores if not too remember, polishing a flat surface(it is flat?) is very difficult to do without leaving some slight dips and telltale signs of abrasive work.

Next time, clean the contact areas of the amber and silver with mild dish detergent, rinse, then wipe down with alcohol to remove any traces of oils which could interfere with long term security of the cement.  Use either a water clear two part epoxy cement or a light touch of UV curing cement for glass.

Amber is one of my favorites.  
God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.

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QUESTION: Hi there.attached is the picture of the locket. The stone is the beat part as it has small leaves trapped in the bottom of the Amber stone. I might try putting it in hot water before chemicals. I'm afraid to ruin it.


I understand your concern. You may use nail polish remover that contains acetone. The strength of the solvent may be slightly less in this form and that is ok. I would use a cotton swab to apply a little of the solvent just to be certain ans wipe it on an edge of the stone ans wipe off. There should be no stickiness to the amber.

Hot water will likely not affect the glue bond but it should be fine to give it a try. Certainly do not go as hot as boiling water. At slightly higher temps than that, amber may soften.

Keep in mind, amber will chip if prying at the stone is done. However, it is polished good as new with relative ease. A jeweler can do this with a very light touch with a white compound like Fabulustre.  Gentleness, slow buff and intermittent contact with buff are used to prevent streaking the amber and to produce a smooth, shiny surface. Techniques similar to polishing a plastic watch crystal will polish the gem.

Again, best wishes with your locket.  Thanks for the nice photo. This is a nice piece and I can see why you like it so much, even if I cannot see the full beauty of the amber in a photo.

God Bless.  Thomas.

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