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Hello, I liked your blog so have an additional question for you.  I have to unset a long, 25mm, oval good quality turquoise from a 1//2 bezel setting to repair the back.  The stone was super glued into the setting.  If this stone can't be soaked in acetone, is there any other method for removal?  I'm considering using ThermaShield to protect it while I unsolder, repair and re-solder the piece.
Any suggestions will be appreciated,

Dear Debbie,

Please use a follow-up to tell me exactly where and what is to be soldered.  Distance from the stone and metal is critical if using a heat protective coating. Is the metal silver?  Make a simple sketch or send photo if possible.

Also,in the meantime, you might find out if acetone will damage the stone using two tests.  First, take a sewing needle or similar piece of metal. You want a small end to heat red hot with a flame, then touch to the stone on the backside or other area likely not seen when stone is set completely. When touched with the hot point, plastic impregnated stones will generally have a hot or melted plastic smell.  The small point helps minimize any damage to the stone. The second test is to apply acetone to a limited area with a q-tip or if the swab is too large, cut it off and use the end of the shaft.  Rub with some pressure on one area and check to see if the surface becomes in the least bit sticky or if any color shows on the applicator.  Small areas of plasticized stones may be polished with a white buffing compound using light touch.

When I have a better idea what you actually need to solder, I will be able to give more accurate advice. I look forward to hearing from you, Debbie.

God Bless and peace.  Thomaa.

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