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several faces very geometrical
several faces very geo  

looks like it has ben cut like a gemstone naturally
looks like it has ben  
Could you hrlp my 6 year old sin and I identify this stone

Hello there,
It is always a little tricky to identify minerals just from pictures without doing some quick physical tests. However ,let me give it a try. From the shape and the crystal form that is shown you most likely have a mineral crystal that belongs to the Garnet Group. Garnets are minerals that can be gem quality if they are clear and translucent. Using the color of the picture as a guide, your garnet crystal (if it indeed is a garnet) is most likely the garnet mineral Andradite (Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3).
Garnets from usually only under high pressure conditions deep within the earth, over 5 miles down.  

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