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I have a beautiful tanzanite ring with diamonds how can I properly clean it?

Dear Carol, beautiful as is tanzanite, this gemstone is sensitive in some physical ways you and your jeweler should be aware of when cleaning the ring. The Gemological Institute of America has a guide. Put this in your search and it should come up:
Tanzanite Care and Cleaning Guide - GIA

Heat.  Tanzanite is heat treated to improve the wonderful color but heating is carefully controlled to prevent heat shock: a sudden change in temperature the material does not have time to absorb heat uniformly throughout which may cause internal breaks just as when an ice cube hits room temperature water.  So cleaning is done with liquids at close to room temp.  A sudsy ammonia solution is one of the best including a soak and brushing with a soft brush.  Check the diamonds for "tightness in each stone seat while at it.  A dish detergent like Palmolive with water also works well.  Always rinse well with room temp water and pat dry.  Jewelers use "steam cleaners" and cleaning is good but the high pressure steam may be nearly 300 and can reacture the stone.

Do not use any abrasive materials.  Tanznite is slightly softer than quartz (amethyst) and most dust contains this material. Always rinse before wiping because the stone might be scratched.

Gentle cleaners, gentle brushing, rinsing and patting dry is a safe and effective way to keep this lovely gem looking lovely over the yeara.

Ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most common cleaning methods at a jeweler's. Sometimes it is safe, the next time may result in an internal break. It simply is not worth the risk so do not use ultrasonic cleaning for your tanzanite.

Carol, I hipe you enjoy your nice ring for many years! God Bless and Peace for 2016, Thomas

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