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Hi can you tell me best place to purchase a diamond? Is it best to buy a loose diamond or just buy a ring complete? Are there any places you have heard with quality yet a good price? I heard the diamond district in Philadelphia is good, online or in person?

Thank you


First of all I'm not an expert but I do know the following... I am assuming you're going to spend a few thousand on a diamond...?.... I think you have to be very careful... You have to wonder when you buy a a diamond and you walk out on the street and do a U-turn and come back how much money you have lost... But I totally strongly recommend is that you get a diamond that has been analyzed by the Gemological Institute of America located in Carlsbad California..... This is not an appraisal of the value but rather a technical report which judges all the attributes that make a diamond valuable...
It is this report that you can base what the value is....
Without it I think you would be a minnow in a shark tank...
Also another thing of value is having a serial number laser embedded in the diamond so there is no switching going on...
I don't think you would want to buy a diamond online without physically seeing it in front of you.... Especially if it has any black Carbon inclusions and you must look through a magnifying lupe to see.... Pretty much just gave you the basics please feel free to contact me again not to confuse things but I'll just mention it in passing... There is a man-made diamond called a moissanite... It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between that and a diamond specially without some sort of
analyzer specifically made for that purpose moissanite sells for 20% of the equivalent in diamonds..

Regards Rolfe

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I am a small manufacturer of jewelry for semi-precious stones. I have been working in this area for 10 years. Our Major stones are Larimar (from the Caribbean) and Dichroic ( a man made crystal ). The majority of our work is in silver and 14k gold. We do not deal in fine jewelry such as diamonds..

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