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what does KDZ mean if the marking is in a ring also marked 925 also another  number 642

My guess that KDC maybe the initials of the goldsmith or silversmith that made the ring .925 refers to .925% solid silver so again I'm assuming this is a silver ring... .642 good chance that that is a model number or design number of that ring..
Again I'm really not an expert on this but try to find a silversmith or goldsmith they are much more knowledgeable in this field regards Rolfe

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I will answer any questions regarding semi-precious stones or precious stones. I will answer questions regarding mounting both semi-precious and precious stones. I can also answer most questions regarding small manufacturing. I can not answer questions regarding casting or fine jewelry.


I am a small manufacturer of jewelry for semi-precious stones. I have been working in this area for 10 years. Our Major stones are Larimar (from the Caribbean) and Dichroic ( a man made crystal ). The majority of our work is in silver and 14k gold. We do not deal in fine jewelry such as diamonds..

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