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Ring with Geometric Design on top
Ring with Geometric De  

Ring with Geometric Design
Ring with Geometric De  
Is this ring unmarked silver? Can you ID the material or stones used in the design on top?
Eagles are etched on both sides.
I can see no mark inside, the ring is heavy , but it seems due to the top of the ring
I'd like to know if you think it may be of much value money wise & how would you describe it?

Dear Ann,

Quite honestly, there is no way I am able to verify the metal or stones of your ring unless I have it in hand to examine and weigh.

That said, I will go by my experience with similar jewelry from over the years. The metal is almost certainly silver, likely sterling which is the metal of choice for southwestern Native American style jewelry. The inlay is likely a dyed or otherwise colored turquoise in place with a layer of an epoxy type polymer.  The white is likely a sort of plastic material and not gemstone.  If stone, the white would be normally mother of pearl but this looks too uniform for m-o-p.  I believe the black inlay is not an inlay at all but rather a black colored plastic epoxy material.

This is a quite popular style hitting the height of popularity with the turquoise trend of the late 1900’s, normally from about 1970 and later. An excellent website of the more valuable sort of turquoise jewelry is here below is worth a look:

A time came when the turquoise boom promised large numbers of sales and quality took a sudden drop. Jewelry was mass produced in Mexico and soon jewelry from China, Taiwan and edven India flooded the market with inexpensive items.  Fine Native produced items have become scares and prices for such pieces are in the collector levels.

I believe your ring compares to jewelry (seen in a web search) to items in the $70 to $100 range.
A visit to a reputable jewelry business should confirm what I have said…or prove me less than bright for even trying to figure it out from limited details, out of hand.

It is attractive. Enjoy.  Thanks for the question.
God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.  

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