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What professional puts inscriptions on watches and other metal items? Could they work on stainless steel?

James, the person is an engraver.  Trophy shops and similar use machines to do the engraving. The inscription is cut with an engraving stylus (a point designed to cut certain materials).  The machine may be hand operated or use an electric motor to turn a rotating stylus, similar to a drill use by a dentist. The point may be hard metal or a hard gemstone, generally diamond.

Fancier engraving and the best is done by a "hand engraver", a rare skilled craftsman and not easy to find.  The hand engraver uses metal tools called "gravers" to do the work and all is executed by hand.  In some cases the hand e3ngraver may use a pneumatic (air powered) tool to help do the work cleanly and may use carbide cutting tips on the tools. Still, when hand done, each is done with the character of the worker even if according to fonts in use for more than several hundred years.

Ask jewelers if they can refer you to a hand engraver and have them show you samples of machine engraving they do. Your choice is what sort of engraving to have done. Generally only the better jewelers will use hand engraving because it is truly skilled work and much more costly than machine work.

Mass production as for trophy plaques is done by a computer controlled machine with little human involvement.

Best wishes in finding what you need, James.  God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.

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