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Have a few misc. pieces of amber.  How do I check to see if it is real?  By placing a drop of acetone nail polish remover identify it?  Read if I just put a drop on it and there is no response, it is probably amber.  If it gets gooey and leaves fingerprint, not amber.  Is this true.  Is there something better I can use at home?

well sounds Like the nail polish remover would be accurate... I have also been told holding a match flame under the amber would disclose if it's real or a resin.... I have some amber and I would just hate to ruin it by either one of these tests. I'm sorry I'm not more help... One thing you might do is call the GIA gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California and asked them what they say. Also, you could Google good luck. Take care Rolfe

I should have mentioned that there is plenty of phony resin Amber on the market, especially with inbedded insects which are generally very much more expensive but still phony....

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