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The Ring  
I want this ring.  However is it possible to wear this ring everyday.  Will I have to replace diamonds every year?

I'm not a princess...I am a Mom and work full time, there is nothing I don't lift, carry, wash.  Just concerned as this is very expensive and I do not want to ever take it off.  What do you recommend??

Dear Noelle,

I have yet to see diamond ring covered in pave'(or prongs to simulate pave' setting) which kept all the stones for a year or even for a few minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner. At least a few would be lost.  The advantage this ring has is the metal: platinum.   Platinum wears very well over time and also may be more  tightly compressed to the stones in the settings, making for a more secure setting overall in the first place.

This might seem strange, but I suggest contacting the seller and asking a couple of questions given shortly below.

Generally wearing a ring all the time is not a good idea since wear and the effects of soil between stones and prongs is not noticed unless a ring is cleaned often and is free of soap build up as from the shower, hand washing dishes, washing hair, soil from a flower garden, etc.  Regular professional cleaning gives opportunity for a jeweler to check gems for tightness in the settings.  This gives the first question:
1) "Rings with small diamonds all over the surface will often loose gems when cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Can this ring be regularly cleaned with an ultrasonic without losing stones? If you recommend against ultrasonic cleaning, how do I keep the ring clean behind the stones and have stone security checked?"

My personal recommendation is not to wear this style of fancy ring everyday in all the conditions a day(after day, after day) will bring.

2)"Do you have any guarantee regarding replacement of lost diamonds from normal wear and cleaning?"

Initial security of the diamonds is easily checked by placing the ring in a small zip lock baggie  filled with cleaning solution and all put in the ultrasonic.  If any gems come out, all is in the baggie and not lost in the tank of liquid.

The answers the seller gives will help you decide if you want to make this purchase.

Thank for the question, Noelle.  God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.  

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