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Gratefull wrote at 2006-11-27 18:51:04
I also have a similar piece but mine is about 1& 3/8" & does not have the Pat 03 date on the opposite edge.  My piece was received from my mother-in-law, who has now passed, but she was originally from New Zealand.  I have a picture of her w/her other 2 sisters, all wearing similar pieces, in New Zealand.

Gratefull wrote at 2006-11-28 15:41:30
Found some further info on your piece:  It was mfg by R.B. MacDonald & Co., Inc. in Attleboro, Mass.

Dianne wrote at 2008-08-27 01:01:16
I have a similar locket with the same Atrice and the bee marking. It belonged to my grandmother and has a picture of her first husband in it. She lived in South Dakota. I hope someone can shed more light on this piece of jewelry. Thanks, Dianne

strawberry wrote at 2008-10-16 18:04:01
I have the same exact gold estate locket as the person who wanted information on their estate locket.mine has the same markings and inscriptions on it also.mine was my grandmothers she received at a very young age.She was born in 1907.I would like to know how much it is valued at.

lydia wrote at 2009-04-27 06:22:49
The marks PAT feb 10 03 is a patent number and despite the fact that 03 might not have been shorthand in 1903 that is when this patent was issued to RB MacDonald, a jewelry maker from Massachusetts which was founded in 1874. The patent number is 720317.

Myndy wrote at 2011-07-25 01:39:47
The marking of PAT Feb 10-03 is most definitely NOT from 2003.  I have one of these lockets, it was my great-grandmothers and was given to me by my grandmother in 1998 when my son was born.  There's no way the patent could be marked for a date 4 years after it came into my possession.

sarah wrote at 2012-12-16 16:34:33
I have a gold locket with the same markings.  It was given to my great uncle from england by his canadian girlfriend.  Hr was subsequently shot dead in the trenches in flanders, during the first eorl war.  I still have the locket now.  I am english. I know nothing more than this.

Paige wrote at 2015-09-17 01:04:57
I have the exact same locket that I found in my Mom's jewelry box. She was born in 1922. Have no idea where it came from. Couldn't find any indication it is gold. Only one stone remains on the back and it is a clear stone. Nice to know that there were jet stones in it. Mine has JW engraved on the front. It could have come from my Aunt that lived in Chicago.

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