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kennyray wrote at 2013-01-13 11:30:41
Frankly some people morally don't want any part of the diamond trade. Furthermore diamonds aren't even particularly rare, but the market is controlled, so the consumer takes a screwing. Robin, and many other are getting off the train. If your CZ gets beat up a jeweler will change is out for $30 bucks. I think they look better than Moisanite.

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I have worked in all aspects of the manufacturing and retailling trade over the past 40 yrs. I trained in London under one of the Queens jewellers and headed one of the largest maunfacturers in Europe. My expertise covers most areas of manufacturing problems from the gem aspect to the metallurgic - from casting to assembling. I can answer all questions relating to wether a piece can be made or how to make 5,000 of them. I now run a simple business selling jewellery over the internet.

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