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Jen wrote at 2006-08-22 00:37:31
I just got a gold wedding band from my grandmother who recently passed away.  I find it interesting that on the inside of the band is the same marking of 14K Lohengrin.  It must have been a poplar ring made then or something.  I believe that my grandparents were married in the mid 40's so I am not sure if this would have been her first wedding band or if it was maybe a second band.  

Adrienne Darrah wrote at 2006-10-10 19:28:15
I also have a wedding band that is marked Lohengrin on the inside.  I think it was purchased in the 1930s or 40s in New Jersey.  If you can find any info on the company, please pass it on.  Thank you!

J Davis wrote at 2007-07-27 02:29:13
I also just inherited a gold band from my sister with 14K Lohengrin marking. She was married in 1964 in NJ

andy wrote at 2008-01-11 19:21:19
I also have found a band about size 5 or so, which appears to have been cut in half, it also has the 14K Lohengrin name inside it...Andy

E.R. wrote at 2008-02-07 22:42:19

I saw your question about the ring with "14K - Lohengrin" on the inside.  This is what is marked on my husband's wedding band which we purchased new at a jewelers in New Haven, CT in 1992.  

Hope this helps!


adriane wrote at 2009-02-18 07:23:40
I wear my great grandmothers wedding band from 1927, we have had it restored. It has the same stamp of Lohengrin inside next to the 18K stamp.  They were from Connecticut as well.

1 samuel 17:45 wrote at 2009-06-13 11:59:20
i bought a size 10 mens wedding band on ebay for $90 with this mysterious 14k lohengrin engraving. the outside is white gold with yellow on the inside. i love the ring but why can't we find out who lohengrin is? it's making me a little nutty!

Dithy wrote at 2010-04-21 05:14:07
I also have a ring from one of my grandparents probalby purchased in between 1935-1945. I heard a rumor that Lohengrin made watches. Does anyone know?

Jen wrote at 2010-10-04 16:40:32
I have my uncle's wedding ring...white gold maybe...also with the 14k Lohengrin mark.  I actually thought it said Schongren.  It has their initials and a date of 6-17-39.  And my aunt was from Bridgeport as wll.

HighFalutinFancies wrote at 2014-04-15 18:56:57
"..Gold band was made right here in NYC, by Lohengrin, a jeweler founded in 1871. There's a record of their existence up until the 60s, but the trail goes cold after that. Maybe they were bought up by a manufacturing conglomerate like their counterpart Traub?...a lovely piece of New York history."

Spotted it in an ad by Erica Weiner Collection advertising "Art Deco jewelry". Maybe this will be of some assistance. It seems this person knows Lohengrin to be a New York company.

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