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Photocrazy wrote at 2015-04-13 06:04:24
I know this post is 9 years old but I ran across this looking up makers marks so posting this for others who find this site using a search engine.

STER means Sterling Silver so if it is 2 tone it could be 10K gold and sterling.   I see some companies that make jewelry for Sororities etc. used 10 karat gold over sterling or another metal and mark it GK for Gold casing basically gold plating, maybe heavier, not sure why they don't use GC  or just mark it GP for gold plated, but they use GK and state the meaning on their site.  GK could also just be a makers mark.

If it is marked 10K GK Ster in that order and all close together then I would lean towards the Gold Casing over sterling.  Makers marks are usually separated by a little distance from other markings to show they aren't part of the description.

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