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Jewelry Making/Sizing ring down 1 1/2 sizes w/ baguettes


Emily Benoist Ruffin wrote at 2013-03-14 15:06:40
The questioner clearly stated that the ring needed to be sized smaller 1.5 sizes, so I'm not sure why all the talk about how many grams need to be added, checking prices with Kitco, etc. is necessary,

Also, I might add that it is quite possible that reducing a ring by 1.5 sizes could quite possibly affect the baguette settings at the top of the ring depending on which direction the baguettes are running and how much metal is holding them. They are generally held  by the short ends and if running lengthwise with the shank, the lengthening of the mountings for the baguettes when the ring is brought back round after reduction could pull the metal from the ends of the baguettes and release them, necessitating further repair.

It is really not possible to answer this question adequately without examining the ring, and therefore advising the questioner against the jeweler who cautioned them thus is ridiculous and irresponsible in this instance.

I have been "on the bench" for 48 years and have run my own business for 34, and have won numerous design awards for my original pieces, doing many such repairs myself in the process and overseeing other jewelers, and I know what I'm talking about.

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