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I am having a lot of trouble making my soldering joints with no light. My solder will not flow because my joint is not completely touching. I am way over working the joint to try and get the perfect seam. I have this problem with bezel wire, rings, or even to scrap pieces to practice with. I am trying files, sand paper, cutting disks and sanding disks on my flex shaft. I just go back into making jewelry after a 7 year hold and I don't know what i am doing wrong. There is no where online on tips to making the perfect seam before you solder. Can anyone help?

Hello, to begin with your answer, there is no soldering joints with no light. You never mentioned if you are using FLUX in your joints, flux is the material that makes your solder flow and must be used at all times when soldering gold, silver, platinum, etc.
If you still have the same problem after the use of FLUX please contact me directly to

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